Families of Products


Thermoadhesive films

FAITERM: Thermoadhesive for composites

It is a family of mono or multilayer films with an excellent adhesion between different materials.

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Technical films

FAITECH: Gas and chemical barrier films

A wide range of tailor-made film solutions that were developed in partnership with customers.

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Breathable membranes

FAITEX: Membrane for leisure and active wearVirus and liquid barrier

Hydrophilic breathable membranes with excellent waterproof and wind barrier properties

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Polyurethane films

FAITGOM: tpu film with enhanced abrasion resistance properties

Thermoplastic films that combines the advantages of plastic materials and the best characteristics of vulcanized rubber.

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Decorative films

EASY-SYSTEM: multilayer films with skin effect for prosthesis

Decorative multilayer films and films with high technical properties

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Thermobonding tapes

FAITEX: Breathable membranes with thermal resistance to sublimation

Family of products and solutions for thermowelding, reinforcement and decoration in the textile, garment, shoes and industrial branch

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