Faitgom, polyurethane films

Faitgom is a family of polyurethane thermoplastic (tpu) films that combines the advantages of plastic materials and the best characteristics of vulcanized rubber.. They were engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding markets. The long experience in engineering and producing films allows Faitplast to introduce a wide range of products to improve both the producing process and the performance of the products of our customers. The polymeric base of Faitgom films is divided in polyester (with high abrasion and hydrocarbons resistance), polyether (with high hydrolysis and bacteria resistance, and excellent flexibility), aliphatic (excellent UV resistance). Special Faitgom types can mix the main characteristics of polyester and polyether. Faitgom films can be easily applied using the already existing technologies of our customers, such as: flame, calander, hot-melt and solvent lamination. Faitgom films can be welded to other materials, thermoformed, backfoamed in dies and are weldable to themselves. The easy application makes possible further processings after the first application thanks to the thermoplastic nature of the polymer.

Main usage:

  • Lamination on foams and fabrics: textiles for automotive, seats, door panels, parcel shelves, armrests, headrests, acoustics insulation, lombar supports, etc.
  • Textile lamination: garments, bag upholstery, shoes, outdoor camping, inflatables, conveyor belts and technical field.
  • Healthcare and hygenical applications: incision drapes, plasters, anti-decubitus mattrasses, coating for breast implants, mattress covers, blood bags and medical valves.
  • Labels and thermowelding signs
  • Shoes: sole covering