Who is Faitplast

Who we are

Fait Plast has a long history in manufacturing thermoplastic films. This history dates back to 1965 when Fait Plast was a producer of PVC resins and Polyolephinic (PP and PE) films for food and industrial packaging. Since then Fait Plast evolved to a leading company of technical films and tailor-made solutions, thanks to the own exclusive know-how and engineering capability that allowed 50 years of continuos improvement and development.

Our history



In 1965 in Brescia, the heart of northern Italian industrial triangle Fait Plast, founded by Lodovico Arici for the production of PVC bags for the packaging of socks.



The testing of new technologies starts, and the tecnologies for the prodution of polyethylene-based films (and derivatives) are consolidated, as an ecological alternative to PVC.


First patents

The first technological patents of FAIT PLAST allow the production of the first multi-layer films.. This technology is well-known worldwide for the production of coextruded film.



The plant is enlarged and the technology of coextrusion is increased to produce the first multilayer films with barrier to gas, humidity, light, etc. for food packaging, medical and industrial field.



The production of the first Polipropylene single and multilayer (coextruded) by blow and cast technology starts for applications in the area of advanced packaging.



Conversion from a company for mass production to a new company with the target of engineering and producing films with high technical contents giving up big volumes and cheap products.


New birth

The new plant, new products, new markets and a new mission. Thanks to the introduction of new technopolymers, to new markets and applications, and to a more technical and creative approach to the market FAIT PLAST evolved to a leading company for the study, engineering of new thermoplastic films and of custom-tailored films.


A new opportunity

Fait Plast is taken over by Penel & Flipo a Belgian/French company that is leader in the production of rubberized fabrics. A new group with a very high technical potential for innovation is created in the branch of thermoplastic resins and rubbers that will be able to grow, thanks to a widespread commercial network.