Breathable membranes

Faitex, breathable membranes

Membranes are very thin film (from 5 my on) with excellent hydrophilic properties (vapour permeability only)  and very good water and wind barrier at the same time.

Faitex membranes have following properties:

Breathability: the hydrophilic component of Fait Plast membranes permits only the passage of the perspiration or water from the the inner side to the outer side of the membrane, but does not permit the passage of the water or perspiration drop creating a feeling of dryness and comfort.

Waterproofness: the membrane withstands water entries also during severe weather condition and guarantees a total protection from the atmospheric agents.

Wind Barrier: Faitplast membranes add to the textiles a strong wind barrier also in harsh conditions the result is a comfortable microclimate inside the garment keeping an high brethability level.

Washing resistance: the Faitex membranes maintain unaltered their properties even after many washings and dry-cleanings ensuring a long-lasting useful life of the product

Main usage:

  • Leisure and sportswear: jackets, raincoats, hats, windbreakers, gloves and shoes
  • Tender: military uniforms, police, workwear garments
  • Medical applications: medical gowns, plasters, medical drapes and medical garment
  • Safety wear: jackets, windbreakers, gloves and shoes