Faiterm, thermoadhesive films

Faiterm is a wide family of mono or multilayer thermoadhesive films (glues) that can have different chemical formulations that allow a good bonding between similar and different materials.


The application of FAITERM films is a simple combination between only 3 basic elements: temperature, pression and time.

The right balance between the parameters allows to get the right adhesion with a low or no environmental impact.


FAITERM films are produced thanks to a thermoplastic process that needs no solvents or water. The Faiterm films are in solid and dry form, during the application they need no evaporation or abatement process at the final user.

Main usage:

  • Automotive: door panels, parcel shelves, car mats, seats, insulating parts, heavy masses, components for car interior and hoods, etc.
  • Shoe industry: sport, trekking and classic shoes, boots.
  • Fashion industry: decorations for leather and textile bags, suitcases, light dresses, bras, labels and decorations.
  • Furniture: laminates, parquet floors, office furniture, wallpapers.
  • Child-welfare: high chairs and playpens.
  • Military: bulletproof vests, bullteproof panels, reinforcements.
  • Other applications: composites, alluminum, glass, wood, foams, decorative laminates, sponges.